Thursday, September 4, 2008

The other shoe drops

Well, it all begins to make more sense. My boss showed up today with his family, fresh from the other African country he's from. Apparently they are all living in the other guest house. We are not an accompanied post, families are not allowed here. If there was an emergency, how would they be evacuated? Why should my organization pay for their housing for free? Will they use our cars to get around (especially ironic since I'M not allowed to use our cars to get around)?

I have fallen through the rabbit hole and am now in bizzaro world.


Alanna said...

Can you go over his head and complain to HQ? I know it's frowned upon, but this is a pretty crappy situation.

Anonymous said...

Get out of there. Once stuff like that happens, the hole only gets deeper and narrower.

fraught mummy said...

You gotta go - I'm with anonymous on this one.