Friday, November 7, 2008

Barbie girl

On a less censorious note, I've re-discovered shopping. Slowly slowly the joy of walking into a store, buying a whole new persona, handing over a piece of plastic that represents money you never see, and walking out convinced that now ye shall be happy because you have pretty brown boots with blue trim is seeping back into me.

Ghent doesn't even have great stores, yet STILL I've managed to spend 70 Euros on underwear and approximately 200 Euros on jeans and shirts. I'm now contemplating cutting my hair short, getting a fringe and dying it blonde. Just because I can. I should not be allowed out of Sudan ever, clearly, I can't handle the freedom.

I'm supposed to be paying LOTS of attention to important things about, you know, saving people, all day long. Instead, I find myself having internal conversations about whether I can pull off leg warmers.


fraught mummy said...

You are obviously the child of an era which hasn't already been through the leg warmers fad. Those of us ancient enough to have already done it once are steering well clear...

Anonymous said...

Don't do it! Leg warmers are always a mistake unless of course you legs are...well cold! Wait till you come to New York, we'll do controled shopping explosion, I promise.