Monday, December 15, 2008

Not the golden age of aviation

Airlines that are based out of the States are SO FREAKIN' BAD. At least Northwest and Delta, which are the two I've flown into the States in the past few years, are. The seats are small, the in-flight entertainment is awful, the flight attendants are rude, mono-lingual and inattentive.

It is kind of embarrassing when you're on KLM from Kampala and everything is lovely: the food, the free booze, the in seat entertainment system with a zillion things to watch, the flight attendants who speak 5 languages a piece, etc. Then you get on Northwest and its all just... bad. Bad bad bad. All that patriotism I was feeling a few weeks ago? Northwest more or less killed it.

Glad to be back in the States, though.

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Peter said...

Since 9/11, flying any US airline industry has become a major pain. I only fly to the US, or fly a US airline if I really really have to.

PS: seems you are going home for the holidays... Enjoy!!