Monday, April 7, 2008

Ready for my close-up

Also, I had such a stereotypical “Beyond Borders” kinda moment last night. Very photogenic-aid-worker-life. A group of us needed to meet to discuss some boring technical things but, as it was a Sunday, we didn’t want to do it in our offices. So instead we found ourselves on the banks of the Nile, sitting in the dim light of the tented camp behind us, sweating profusely and swatting flies as we discussed tribal politics over warm African beer scattered accross the plastic table and smoked lots of cigarettes.

There wasn’t anything too unusual about it, it just seemed like a photo shoot for LL Bean’s new “Angelina Jolie sponsored Doctor’s Without Borders” clothing line or something. Five damp girls in tank tops in deepest darkest africa being serious and saving the world with beer and a fly swatter.

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