Monday, May 19, 2008

Juba by night - the joy and the pain

Man, something aboslutely disgusting has just had a major hatching in Juba, they are, like, big flying brown maggots and they are EVERYWHERE in my office at the moment. I'm literally bobbing and weaving as I type this.

God I love nature.

Anyway, tonight, I was coming home from a meeting down by the Nile at around 9pm. Now, as I think I've mentioned about 1,000 times, vehicles are not our strong suit and so I was on a boda boda, the local motorbike taxis. My driver was, at a conservative estimate, 8 years old and not 100% clear on how to drive a bike. He also kept taking "short cuts" through little back streets which were so rutted that I felt like one of Charlie's Angels in that dirt bike scene from the second movie.

However, once I got over the shock of being driven around by an infant, it was lovely. The moon is full right now and the streets of Juba are really quiet because the SPLA (the Sudanese People's Liberation Army) is in town for a conference or something. We were cruising down these little back alleys, me and my baby driver, between the wee huts, no light except the moon and the torch mounted on the front of his bike, lots of quiet conversations behind thatch fences and smoky fires.

Ow, a flying brown magot just banged in to my eye. I'm going to bed!

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