Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming storm

OK, the panic is now mixing with rage. Apparently, the Taliban contacted a local radio station and claimed responsibility for the killings right away. Which means it was definitely planned and targeted, this was deliberate.

These women were coming from the Gardiz Field site, they were living out in the middle of nowhere in, I'm sure, not great conditions and WHAT THE HELL gives these THUGS the right to just up and take their lives and for what? Sure, don't agree with what we're doing, sometimes I don't agree with what we're doing. But to go up to a car, a car of WOMEN no less, and blithely shoot them dead for some agenda they probably don't even understand....

I feel so much rage over this. I don't expect gratitude for doing this work, I don't expect adulation from the population, I don't even expect protection. I do expect that my colleagues and I won't be targeted and shot.


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