Monday, August 11, 2008

Man of the people

Oh, and I forgot, in other news, I had to drag my very sunburnt, very tired, very not intellectually at the top of my game self out to Konyo Konyo Market, the biggest slum of a nasty, sewage infested disease pit you can imagine, to go meet Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey. He was out here to see some HIV projects and I needed to brief him and be there to answer questions and be, ya know, American.

It was a fine visit, we took him out to where the commerical sex workers and drivers live, next to a football field in rattan shacks. It was quite the visual, seeing him walking across the rivers of raw sewage in his nice leather loafers and beautifully cut suit. To his credit, he never flinched.

At the very end I was shaking his hand and I said "It was a real pleasure to meet you sir" and I suppose my accent came out, he suddenly stopped, did a double take and said "Where are you from?" I told him my deeply southern state and he said "I didn't hear it before, don't lose that accent."

What an odd thing to be noticed for.

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