Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Immigration nation

Work has become this huge woolly mammoth beast taking over my life, hence the radio silence. Sorry about that. I find myself this afternoon suddenly deeply uninterested in work and deeply interested in planning my possible upcoming vacation to Thailand, instead, which is nice.

Had a bit of a drama, today. I went to go drop off one of my staff at the airport, and American girl, who is heading out to Uganda for some things. I was about halfway back to the office when I get a call from her "Uh, yeah, they say I'm here illegally, I don't have a permit, I'm not registered."

Huh. That can't be a good thing.

I told her I'd get back to the office and discuss with our admin guy, which I did. He got this slightly worried look in his eyes and asked me if she had come through Juba initially. No, she hadn't. Cue long conversation about not being registered and big fines and problems problems problems. I asked, jokingly, "Well, they're not going to arrest her, right?" Admin looks at me all serious and says, "Let's go and we'll see if we can discuss this with them."

Sooooooooo didn't want to deal with the paperwork of an arrested staff.

When we got there, she had more or less talked and flirted our way out of it and we just had to pay some money. Which was fine. But I love the fact that you can go from real and legitimate concern that someone is about to be arrested and spittle flying angry immigration officers to no worries and in flight peanuts all with the bat of a eyelash.

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