Friday, June 27, 2008

God who needs a better rat-trap? Me!

You know what I get sick of? Everything being gross. Wet, dirty, dusty, sticky, moldy, sweaty, smelly, nasty gross.

Last night I was lying in bed, trying to learn the well known zen art of hearing a billion mosquitoes whining in my ear and not going mad. It was approximately the temperature of a bakery oven in my room, so I was sticking to my sheets and just not happy, when I hear a ratatatatata across my floor, followed by, in rapid succession, the sound of my metal door violently shaking, my mosquito net tearing and more skittering across the floor.

I grabbed my headlamp and turned it on to find:
Rat A - medium sized, brownish, sitting right above me on TOP of my bed net
Rat B - gigantic rodent of unusual size, blackish, grooming is whiskers in the middle of my floor
Rat C - smaller, perched above my door, having climbed up my towel to get there and now running back and forth in a rather distasteful way

For a moment, as the light hit them, they froze. Then they started scurrying around (or freaking out and being stuck in the case of the one above me in the net). Which then continued all night long.

At one point I had to use my feet and pillow to get the one above my bed off. That was the moment where I suddenly saw the appeal of having someone around where you can go "ewwwww, RAT" and they'll come take care of it for you. No spending your whole night sweating, swatting mosquitoes alone, in the dark, with only the dim light from your headlamp and a pillow to protect you from the marauding army of bloodthirsty plague carrying beasts.

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Anonymous said...

My Dear,
What you need is a hunting bush cat, like the one we kidnapped in Vahun!