Sunday, June 15, 2008

Me and Quennie, we're like this

Wow, the life of luxury is really really busy. Who knew? I'm working way more than I thought I would have to, so very little time to reflect on fun in Uganda.

I am staying in SUCH a stupidly nice place. It is a hotel that was built for the meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Sates. Which means the Queen stayed here. Oh yeah, I'm that cool, I frequent the same places as her royal highness.

It's on Lake Victoria, outside Kampala. When we arrived, myself and two friends also from the field, we were embarrassing. Seriously. We're all, like "Ohmigod look at the panneling on the floor, ohmigod look at the sinks in the bathroom, ohmiGOD they're giving us complimentary passion fruit juice. Wheeeeeee."

This please has become a major center for meetings in East Africa, so you find yourself cruising past a table of men in really nice suits discussing, say, oil rights for Niger and then bumping in to a peace negotiator for some civil disturbance as you try to avoid seeing the woman you had a fight with in Sierra Leone who is apparently here on a conference for gender based violence in the next conference room. It's that kinda place.

I think I'm glad that I don't live the consultant, fancy, hopping from four star hotel to four star hotel kind of a life though. Because, seriously, when we drove in and saw the infinity pool and the horse back riding stables and the fully equipped gym and the BATH TUB it was heaven. A moment of pure, perfect bliss. I'd hate to lose that, to have this all be a mere stop along the way instead of a really freakin fabulous hotel.

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