Saturday, June 28, 2008

The other side of cliche

So this is an article about Myanmar and how, even though the humanitarian aid never got in, all the predictions of mass starvation and disease and death and horror never happened:

Apparently, less catastrophic cyclones hit regularly and the people who live there have very strong coping strategies. So, even without all the food aid and water and sanitation programs and human rights trainings, nobody more really seems to be dying than would be expected with our help.

This is confirming the niggling fear I have that I am doing more harm than good.

If the junta had let all the humanitarian craziness in and we had all dropped out of the sky with our stuff and our registration and everything, these coping strategies wouldn't've been used. People would've become dependent on the NGOs and been organized in to little groups and lists and everything would've been disrupted for god knows how long.


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