Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roxanne - the aid worker edition

Sorry, one more rant, then I'm done for the day:

Prostitution is gross. Prostitution with underage girls is really gross. Prostitution with underage girls who are victims of wars or genocide or extreme poverty is both gross and exploitative and just plain yicky. Nobody wants to see that. Seriously. And I KNOW everyone talks about how it is economically successful for the girls and they would rather do it than starve and blah blah blah and I agree. Most of these girls are super excited to get a foreigner as a client who can treat them better and pay them more, inshallah. And I'm not even sure I agree with the rule many of our organizations have that any person who goes to a prostitute will be fired automatically.

But you know what? Still gross.

Please can we all remember that?


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