Thursday, June 5, 2008

Total tart for a guy with a strong position on peacekeeping

I have the biggest crush on Alex de Waal. Have done for years. The few times I've met him, I've been reduced to a quivering mess of jelly who can't coherently get out a sentence.

Most of you are wondering who Alex de Waal is, I know. He's a humanitarian theorist and pundit who has written on any number of things, food aid, HIV and Darfur being what he's best known for. But he's just so passionate and smart and....

Yeah, I get a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway, he has an excellent op-ed on the BBC right now that basically says what I always was screaming about when I was in Darfur. This isn't a genocide, it is a horrible, messy awful war where there are no good guys anymore and everyone is culpable. Further, there is no WAY a military solution will ever lead to lasting peace, it will just lead to more fragmentation of the rebels groups and more isolation of Khartoum as they fear a forced regime change by Western countries.

Only he says it much better.

Sigh.... SUCH a big crush.

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