Sunday, June 22, 2008

Like being in the durn grotto

You know what should never happen? Meetings about HIV treatment and prevention while you are wearing a swim suit. THAT, my friends, is what should never happen.

The US compound here opens up their pool and gym from 2-6 pm on Sundays to let us riff raff in, which is awesome and I love them truly madly and deeply for it. But you find yourself in the oddest position of standing there in your saggiest, most faded, most de-elasticized manky excuse for a swimsuit trying to look professional while the guy who represents your donor, who, I might add, is ill-advisedly wearing those kinda boxer-brief swim trunks Daniel Craig wore in the James Bond movie, asks you about progress towards your indicator of reaching chronically ill in the rural areas.

And by you, of course, I mean me.

Seriously, WHY can there be NO separation of church and state here? We do NOT talk about work when we are wearing spandex. That should just be the rule.

Or are swimsuits made of lycra? Anyway! You know what I mean. People in Juba need new conversation topics.

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