Thursday, June 19, 2008

What things go

There was a session today where refugees who have started their own organizations in their camps gave talks about their lives and the challenges of being a non-traditional provider of care.

One of the men giving a talk was showing things about his life, and all of sudden, up there on a screen, in a power point slide, was a picture of a man standing in the middle of the forest with two small children, next to two mounds covered in wild flowers. "When I was a young man, all I wanted was to have a wonderful wife and beautiful children. Life doesn't turn out the way we think. This is a picture of when I buried my wonderful wife and my beautiful daughter. My wife was raped by soldiers and she didn't want to worry me so she didn't tell me and she didn't get care and she was given HIV. My daughter was born with it too and they both died when we were fleeing the war."

It was such a stark, horrible thing to just have said like that. Just out there. People do go through some absolutely wretched things.

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